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Godzilla movie posters by Noriyoshi Ohrai

The Heisei series had THE greatest posters!

Can’t. Not. Reblog.


The Cinema Shares Godzilla vs. Megalon tie-in promotional comic.

Man, Robotman and Borodan are my favorite Toho monsters.


Some random giant robots. 

1. Argus, the Galactic Explorer. 

2. Spider. Artillery Tripod Mech. 

3. Dropship Infantry Mech

4. Infantry Mech




A Space Godzilla would have been the most amazing film ever made.

What is this? Concept art? Looks interesting.

These are by Katsuhiro Otomo (writer/illustrator of Akira), published in a 1979 issue of Japan’s version of Starlog. In it (to quote Toho Kingdom user Tamura) “Godzilla’s corpse washes ashore, followed by 2001-style head trips with Godzilla’s soul traversing the cosmos, his encounters with an alien entity, a final battle with a monster called Gamora, and Godzilla’s final evolution into infinity.”

It was, at the very least, proposed as a movie (using stop-motion for the kaiju), but I don’t know much beyond that.